Prop House Prince

What is your project in 100 characters or less

I aim to bring awareness to lil nouns prophouse and builders through twtr interaction (Legmanlil and lildeveloper)

What’s the biggest way this will benefit Lil Nouns DAO?

Between the constant presence of the prophouse/lil nouns submissions on twtr through interaction and discussion , 3 spaces per prop house are intended.

  1. let’s prop about it : a space for would be proposers to come on and ask questions and or get some finalization advice. (2 days after submissions go live)
  2. yo , prop this : a space dedicated to current proposers to have 2-3 minutes to come up and give a verbal pitch. Lobby for votes.
  3. what’s proppin’ : a 30 minute spaces. Wrapping the final closure of the prophouse. Previous winners in first 15 . New winners in back 15.

TLDR. : exposure.

What stage is the project in it’s lifecycle?

  • Partially complete 2 rounds have run. I intend to take a further plan to prop house (inception) or on chain for further funding.

What have you done so far? (if applicable, provide a link to a working demo)

Mobile, will update when I can. @lildeveloper is the twtr account.

High-Level Plan - Roadmap/Key Deliverables

Continued building out of the prop house spaces. Goal is to eventually have a team of 1-3 people covering all different prop house rounds as they become a reality.

Have follow on spaces to do catch ups with previous winners.

Who is the team delivering this project?


What experience qualifies you to deliver on this project?

I have been a twtr warrior for over 10 years?
Very little in way of broadcasting.
Well aware of many books and crannies of the lil ecosystem.

How much ETH are you asking for? Provide a cost breakdown.

2 eth. For the previous 2 rounds as well as the current rd.
(Includes 3 spaces per round. Constant Twitter interaction surrounding prophouse, time to be abreast of all props that come in to be able to discuss on spaces)

Will you require additional funding after this?

  • Yes, but not from lil funding. Community can choose to vote it forward or not.

Have you received/requested funding for this idea elsewhere?

  • No

@sqx10 is an active OG lil Nouns that’s heavily engaged in the community. I don’t know how to set social requirements or outcomes, but I support funding him for his continued participation with prophouse and the community more generally.


Just saw this. Yeah this is a no brainer to fund. SQ took ownership of prophouse from the start and has been a huge asset in promoting our builders and keeping twitter up to date on all things Lil Nouns prop house. Your spaces have been a lot of fun to attend and give our builders a platform to speak and bounce ideas back and forth. 10/10 you’re doing an amazing job.


love this @sqx10! you’ve been solely dancing that floor with twitter <> prophouse - looking forward to the continuation of it ser


Great! I personally experienced the lack of connection between Discourse and Twitter or in general with the body of the community! in round 4 I lost with 2 votes cause I couldn’t find where Lil nouners talks about our props.

that s why I believe this idea is worth supporting, But I`m not sure about 2eth for just some spaces!
what about opening some auctions in the spaces and giving them to top props ?!

just thinking out loud! Good luck and keep up the excellent work \m/