Live-action Movie Series Featuring Lil Nouns

I (Con) have been an Advisor for 6+ months to Dream3 (fma Chibi Club) Dream 3 Stats: 42.4K Discord mem; 55.3K Twtr followers!

Prop: 10ETH funding for Lil Nouns to be featured in a future Episode of THIS series happening NOW:

Custom PPT for Lil Nouns: Lil Nounz x Dream3.pdf - Google Drive

Team is authentic & passionate; aiming to bring transparency, crowd-sourcing, and audience-directed scripts to globally released short-movie productions. The ultimate play will be to negotiate a distribution deal with Netflix or the like for broad exposure.

This will bring needed exposure to Lil Nouns.

Just the beginning, we can work with the team on future tie-ins and sponsorship.

LFG! Would love your feedback Con

no love on the up down board. not sure what is good or bad. production looked good …

lack of understanding of what or maybe more importantly why? just spitballing. GL.