Lilnouns Collaborative Graphic Novel

Lilnouns Collaborative Graphic Novel

We are excited to present a proposal for a collaborative comic project for the Lilnouns community. With this project, we aim to add value to the community by teaching artists sequential art, creating a graphic novel with the involvement of the community, and finally bringing this group effort to the mass market. We have divided the project into 4 different steps as detailed below.

Before diving into the details of the project, we would like to share some highlights from our previous work for Nouns that showcase the success of the project:

  • Our initial sales for Nouns was relatively low, but once we started gaining coverage in articles, our sales began to increase. When we combined sales with a digital initiative, our sales increased even more, reaching approximately 15,000 copies for Issue one. The sales are still ongoing.
  • Nouns Comics were featured in prominent crypto media outlets such as [CoinDesk](, The Defiant, [Decrypt](, and many others. Additionally, our work was covered by well-known traditional comic news websites, allowing Nouns to reach a new segment of the market.
  • We partnered with major names in the industry, Namely Titan Comics and 4K Protocol, which helped boost the project's credibility and reach.
With these accomplishments, we are confident that our new project for Lilnouns will achieve similar success.

We are excited to present you with a unique and engaging project proposal for a collaborative comic. Our aim is to bring together aspiring writers and artists, while also adding value to the community by teaching artists sequential art and empowering them with new skills. This groundbreaking graphic novel will be the first of its kind, with community involvement at its core, backed by experienced professionals from renowned companies (Disney and Marvel, to name a few), and publishers of iconic comics like Ninja Turtles and Transformers.

Our Commitment to the Community

We believe in the power of collaboration and the talent within the Lilnouns community. This project will provide an exceptional opportunity for community members to learn from industry-leading experts, improve their artistic skills, and participate in creating a one-of-a-kind graphic novel. By dividing the project into four distinct steps, we ensure a structured approach that fosters community involvement, learning, and creativity. Too often have communities simply talked about involving their members in big initiatives, then giving them something they had no say in. Excitement is at the core of lilnouns, and we must harness that.

Step 1: Ideas Contest with Prop House Support

Duration: 3 weeks

In this step, we will set up a prop house and organize an ideas contest with the help of our professional team. The contest will have three winners, each receiving 1 ETH. Editors will be assigned to work on five write-ups each, assisting participants in developing their story ideas into professional pitches. We will create a Discord channel for questions and discussions related to the contest, ensuring transparency and openness throughout the process.

Steps in Step 1:

  • Pick the Editors
  • Create a Discord channel for idea submissions and discussions
  • Participants create their own prop
  • Community votes on the best stories
  • Winners receive their prizes
Costs Breakdown:
  • 3 ETH Prizes
  • 10K USDC = 5 ETH
Total costs for the first stage: 8 ETH

Step 2: Find an Artist and Help Your Community Artist Create the Artwork

Duration: 3 weeks

In this step, we will organize a contest for artists, with three winners receiving 1 ETH each and a contract to work on the comics. Our primary goal is to find the art style that best fits the project while also giving community artists a chance to contribute. We will work concurrently on three ideas, allowing for flexibility and creativity.

Steps in Step 2:

  • Create a contest for artists
  • Draw the chosen ideas
  • Community votes on the art style and artist
  • Prizes are sent to winners
Costs Breakdown:
  • 3 ETH Prizes
  • 10K USDC = 5 ETH
Total costs for the second stage: 8 ETH

Step 3: Making of the Book

Duration: 4 months

In this step, we will focus on creating the graphic novel itself, with our team providing support to artists in various stages of the process, including layout, pencils, inking, coloring, and lettering. Throughout this stage, we will maintain transparency by sharing progress on Discord for the community to follow.

Steps in Step 3:

  • Layout
  • Pencils
  • Inking (if necessary)
  • Coloring
  • Lettering
Costs Breakdown:
  • 5k USDC Editor/month
  • 1k USDC per page for creative artists, editors, writer, management
Total costs for the third stage: 85K USDC

Step 4: Publishing

In the final step, we will partner with Titan Comics for publishing, printing, and distribution of the graphic novel. We will engage with retailers to ensure our book is available in stores and create special NFT releases of covers and editions to generate revenue that will offset the project costs. Any profits made from sales will be split between the Lilnouns DAO and the publisher after the initial costs have been recouped.

Steps in Step 4:

  • Publishing with Titan Comics
  • Printing
  • Distributing
  • Engaging with retailers
  • Sales and NFT releases
Costs Breakdown:
  • 20K for sales, distribution, and publishing
Total costs for the fourth stage: 20K USDC

Total Project Costs Breakdown:

135K USDC For phase one, we are only requesting 10 ETH to get started. This proposal is for 10 ETH, and we will move as we go, adjusting our requests and budgeting based on the progress and needs of the project.

By implementing this proposal, we aim to create an inclusive and engaging project that will not only result in a one-of-a-kind graphic novel but also empower the Lilnouns community with new skills, opportunities, and connections. With the support of experienced professionals, the involvement of the community, and a structured approach, we are confident that this project will be a success and add immense value to the Lilnouns community.

We look forward to your feedback and the opportunity to bring this groundbreaking project to life. This is a draft proposal, and we are open to opinions and ideas from the community to ensure that we create the best possible project for everyone involved.