Use Web 3 and Defi to fix issues

From onboarding new users, governance participation, lack of interest, and incoming capital web 3 is designed to make these things happen.

For no cost the floor can be 0.2eth and 5 sales a day can happen. Are you curious or cynical?

Sadly this is unlikely to get any comment at all and I was treated poorly every time I tried to get involved with the community.

At this point, I am happy to consult for a fee, but all big nouns and little nouns have the same problem. It is their way or the highway and they refuse to listen to new ideas.

We have 4 opportunities from here.

  1. We can get 800 votes together to make change
  2. the “leadership” is willing to take 3 months off we can make major moves in as little as 1 week.
  3. I can share how it can be done for 5 eth and it is in your hands
  4. We start fresh and us builders have been building.

I open this for discussion, but whatever is "the way we do it " isn’t working and now nfts work for us.