Twitter Spaces with Female and Non-Binary Individuals

Twitter Spaces BiWeekly: Female and Nonb-Binary Interviews for Lil Sisters - Inception


To bring visibility and diversity to Lil Sisters via Twitter Spaces. Once every two weeks for 4 weeks, I will host an hour long space featuring women and non-binary individuals in web 3. The space will consist of thoughtful questions, highlights of lil nouns and how diversifying not only lil nouns but also web 3 will help progress the space as a whole.


The spaces will bring visibility to lil nouns and lil sisters in particular. The spaces will be a platform for individuals to feel supported and affirmed. Also, the space will circle back to the mission of lil sisters which is to be inclusive and supportive of women and non-binary individuals in the web 3 space.


  • I have hosted over 40 spaces thus far under my belt.
  • I have interviewed and co-hosted with many well-known web 3 hosts.
  • I plan to highlight females in web 3 along with non-binary individuals whom are working to progress the diversification of web 3.
  • I plan to keep supporting these individuals by paying them and also hosting the event and recording the space for their own future use.

Expectations/ Success Metrics:

The long-term growth and prosperity of the lil nouns and lil sisters is at the heart of this proposal. I am also pushing for diversity by allowing these individuals a platform to express themselves and also feel supported.




Brittney @brittzbits lil nouns #3418, #4065, #4013

Proposed Transactions

  1. 2 Eth to 0xdAAD0f92010280dc2EDf7CFb8AB54214a800f7E2

Hey Britt,

Love the idea of having some Lil Sisters Twitter Spaces!


  • is the goal to host these via the lil sisters twitter? (
  • to clarify, is the proposal 2 eth, for 2 individual spaces over a 4 week timeframe?
  • if the goal is to do twitter spaces direct from lil sisters, you don’t even need a proposal! reach out to the team and take ownership of this task. :slight_smile:
  • 1 eth per twitter space might be a bit high to pay before piloting you. I would recommend trying to take ownership or contribute to lil sisters twitter spaces and based on how receptive the community is, seek retroactive funding via the lil sisters admin multisig.
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Great questions.
I wouldn’t mind having the lil sisters twitter helping co-host at all.
I could do more spaces within that time frame if you think that’s a better idea.
How would you measure the receptiveness of a community to spaces ?

I’d try and connect with lil sisters to organize some spaces with them. IMO having a weekly lil sisters twitter space would be super helpful to increase visibility to the community initiative and signal to the market we are here, ready to enable women/nonbinary builders.

I guess I would retract my statement around how receptive the community is, but I think getting a weekly cadence going with the team would be super helpful. Lil Sisters has their admin fund to fund their contributors, so I would just encourage you to try and scope out some twitter spaces and content together! The current plan is to fund internal contributors retroactively.

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Hey Al,

I may have posted in the wrong spot? I was trying to post to the lil sisters discourse but I thought that they shared the discourse with you.
I will have to figure this out. Thank you for your feedback

This sounds like a great way to build community and mutual support.

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Hi Britney,

I invite you to participate in Lil sister’s weekly call or pop by the Lil sisters discord channel. You have a lot to contribute to our community. What about hosting a spaces as a trial?
About the proposal, I was wondering who you are inviting for interviews and how much you intend to pay them.

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Hey there,

I work until 30 minutes after the weekly sister’s call so I can’t always make it. I am somewhat active in the discord channel as well. I have a couple of people in mind, but i’d be open to suggestions for the spaces.

Would you like to host a Lil Sister spaces and bring someone to interview? We can have a call to discuss it.

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I would definitely be open to that.
I’d like to change the ask to 1 Eth so it fits within the budget for Lil Sisters.


Great! I’ll talk to the girls at today’s meeting and we schedule a talk.

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Hi Britt - love the idea! Do you have any links to recordings of previous spaces? Thanks!

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Of course! I have some recordings of the spaces.

Here are a few.