Create an iPhone/Android app to showcase Lil Nouns

We need an app similar to Nouns Dao that showcases our Lil Nouns in an app!

I think it’s a good way to increase branding !


what does this app do? or noun in app do? A/R ?

It would be a simple gallery and you would see the traits of the given lilnoun.

Also I can spear head this initiative with using the Flutter framework

Do you have a rough cost estimate on what this might look like?

2-3 weeks to get a beta build out, possibly less. About 15-20 hours of development time at a standard rate of 1,500 USD / hour.

Would include iOS and Android apps and any and all minor updates (less than 2 hours of work).

I can get it done for 20,000 USD all in all since its a cause that I believe in.

Note: the apps should be released, in both marketplaces, under the collective ownership/DAO’s legal body if we want to be professional. It wouldn’t be right if I held the keys/master password to those entities.

Will write a detailed proposal with steps and milestones to see development progress. About a weeks time

please do :slight_smile: im excited to read this one