Lil Grants: german-speaker-friendly community: nounsDACH

Hi Lil Nouns & Co. ⌐◨-◨

building a german-speaker-friendly community: nounsDACH (DACH; Germany, Austria and Switzerland)

I’m on a mission onboarding german speakers into the Nouns Eco-system and to enhance interoperability between artists, creators and WEB3-Enthusiast - I thrive to catching some eyes on various mediums and raise awareness amongst german speakers ⌐◨-◨

Bringing the Nouns essence to German-speaking creators, builders and WEB3 enthusiasts through the proliferation of Nouns.

Motivation behind nounsDACH came from seeing NounsDAOJAPAN and NounsDAOBrazil come to life, and seneca wishing it to be seen across various geographical locations.

references thus far;

  • finished UI/UX for starters.
  • two blogs standing as of now.
  • can be found on: (@nounsdach on twitter)

problem statement;
Presently, the language and lack of awareness in the region are two barricades which hinder German-speaking individuals becoming familiar with the Nouns ethos.

resolving barriers;
Language: nounsDACH already began translating Nouns content to German.

Future continuous translation concept for nounsDACH includes:

  • Translation of the weekly Newsletter by Maty.eth and Blog posts from Blowned.eth
  • All 'round newsletter talking about nounish happenings.
  • Translation of passed on-chain proposals and other content. There is countless content, IMO…

Awareness Phase 1
Consciousness: an awareness campaign should take place. As a starter, posters and stickers will be spread in Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Würzburg. Three of the four picked cities are among Germany’s top 10 artistic and cultural cities.

The stickers are placed with thought and will redirect to the website and/or Thinking of creating three different designs which I will be sharing in the Discord for the community to choose and vote on.

Upcoming thoughts & roadmap;
As for the scalability of nounsDACH, I guess it is pretty self-explanatory. We are here to build and so are the countless other individuals out there looking for an eco-system such as Nouns. Hereby my thought; nounsDACH ultimate scalability will be the german speaking community itself.

Personal roadmap as for translation, campaigning and blogging
20th June - 4th July; TRANSLATION of the website & Lil Nouns.
4th July - 25th July; consciousness CAMPAIGN (sticker & poster designs, coordination, material, travel to the above four cities) this stage will include content creation of the set-up location etc. pp. All around and evolving content and proliferating the noun culture.
20th June - 31st August; descriptive and informative BLOGGING of cc0mmunity projects (subDAOs, forks etc. - currently 144 nounish projects. source: Letting that SEO juice do some magic, hehe!

Between 2 & 3 blog posts/week. 11 weeks till the 31st August, equalling between 22 and 33 blog posts.


  1. 4 to 5 ETH - proposed pilot roadmap, execution of such and compensation of work already done.
  2. A lil noun!

Screenshot 2022-06-16 at 15.49.53

Looking forward hearing feedback, thoughts and opinions! More than happy to answer any questions :grinning: thank you for reading!

Nounish greetings and love,
bkraaus | bkraaus#0606 ⌐◨-◨


It does not let me edit the post above, so here a justification and elaboration of the above mentioned budget, this includes;

  • domain and server coverage
  • work done already including: starter UI/UX, 2x blog posts, research and designing
  • sticker campaign and coverage of content incl. production, designing and traveling
  • assuming the min. 22 blog posts (averaging between $75 - $200 - for 500 words, I am taking the median here of $135) 22 x 137.5 = $3025

really excited for us to expand into more languages and grow our reach even further

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Excited that you are excited!

IMO, providing resources in various languages will facilitate the growth of Lil Nouns and the overall eco-system. Combining this together with raising awareness further supports internal development and connection.

Below I drew up some rough sketches of what I had in mind for the posters and stickers;

I would love to hear some feedback on the designs.

As for the QR code on the pictures; they currently lead onto the abouts page here. Which raises the following points.

  • What is the most convenient overcoming the barrier of language?
  • Scanning the QR code it should be straight to the point on WHAT, WHY and WHO.
  • Are we thinking of creating a landing page and refer to the Lil Nouns Wiki in German? Happy to be translating the notion wiki into German language, before the sticker campaign.
  • Leave as is with the above about page?

Having said that, with such campaigns I would like to touch upon a few points which I gathered in the Shark Tank twitter space yesterday in which the proposal was being talked about:

  • refrain leading people right onto the bidding homepage
  • try tackling the language barrier by making people understand what, why and who.
  • preference of a clean landing page leading to further abouts (see here)
  • leading people onto a lot of information at once after scanning a QR code can be overwhelming for the majority. Especially when you have no prior WEB3 experience/knowledge.

Hope to hear some thoughts!

Nounish greetings and love,
bkraaus | bkraaus#0606 ⌐◨-◨

Only recommendation is on the posters, can you make the inside of the eyes white instead of the background color?

Of course. Will adjust them into SVG assets! Strange on how some turned out good and others adapted the background colour of the poster.

Here are some adjusted SVG posters. Can always draw up another and adjust to preference.

these look amazing! Where will you be publishing these?

Stickers and posters will be published in four cities for this phase: Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Würzburg. As mentioned above.

Locations are not 100% set in stone as I will be walking and distributing on the get go. Focussing on hot-spots where they will catch eyes. Train Stations, shopping streets, bus stops and so forth. Meaning, city centers and in districts which are either densely populated, artistic or super busy.

See it as a Lil Nouns on the ground running the forefront in Germany.

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I live in Japan, so I want to publish these posters and stickers here

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Hey there, I’m from PretzelDAO based in Munich. PretzelDAO - Web3 Builders DAO in Munich

We would love to contribute hear and also spread the Nouns in Munich. Recently we also had a coference which was co-branded by Nouns.

Would anyone like to reach out to me so that we can discuss further? Thanks!
DM me on Twitter @nickstracke_

Hey Kliyer!

Lovely seeing you raise interest in contributing spreading the Nouns in Munich. I had a call earlier this week with a member who helped organise and added Munich to the list. I will be sending stickers/posters to the member and have it spread in Munich as well as Nürnberg. This brings it to a total of 6 cities.

Having said that, I always am open for conversation on how we can take nounsDACH further and continue proliferating the nounish essence.


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What is your project in 100 characters or less

  • Proliferation aimed at Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

What’s the biggest way this will benefit Lil Nouns DAO?

  • Setting the foundation for the onboarding in the above three countries.

What stage is the project in it’s lifecycle?

  • Partially complete

What have you done so far? (if applicable, provide a link to a working demo)

  • Translations of &
  • Nounish Video German Subtitles
  • Stickers designed and are ordered ASAP for distribution in seven cities.
  • Content of 29 reading minutes
    • 260 wpm x 29 = -/+ 7540 words
  • 2 x Newsletter
  • Proposal 904
  • Working on an extension of nounsDACH

High-Level Plan - Roadmap/Key Deliverables

As for the second milestones, the key deliverables are the following:

  • Distribute Stickers, Mail & Content creation of thus.
  • Twitter Contest Event, account management/engagement etc.
  • Publish another 3 newsletter editions till 12th September bringing the total to 5.
  • German article about Lil Nouns

Who is the team delivering this project?

  • bkraaus

What experience qualifies you to deliver on this project?

  • High Interest in streamlining the pipeline of onboarding in the region. Nounish, everyday, forever. Further qualifications would be: (I) Initiated the proliferation of nounish in the DACH region (II) strong bound and interest on the lil nouns everyday DAO environment (III) active contributor.

How much ETH are you asking for? Provide a cost breakdown.

  • 2.5 ETH
  • 2 ETH Milestone #2
  • 0.5 ETH to distribute payments to contributors et al.
    • Graphics/Banners: desenhista.eth | desenhista.eth#0503
    • Graphics/QR: edenchoi.eth | edenchoi.eth#6160
    • Distribution in Vienna, Münich & Nürnberg: Cairol | cairol#6787
    • All transaction, including for Proposal 904 costs involved

Will you require additional funding after this?

  • No. Potentially for another set of milestones for a different proposal e.g. continuation of newsletter, twitter events et al.

Have you received/requested funding for this idea elsewhere?

  • No

Worth mentioning that the dynamic of a substack newsletter allows more flexibility in reaching the audience, compared to the blog which was the initial plan. flexibility in sense of: time, affordability and content. Taking this forward with it’s second milestone, i suggest focusing on such dynamic and instead of going for the minimum content listed above (22 blogs / 500 words / 11000 total) - move forward with the proposed 3 editions of the newsletter.

Always open for questions and/or feedback, thank you for reading!

bkraaus | bkraaus#0606

hey bk! Just want to confirm this is a new request?

If so, do you mind starting a new thread and just linking this old one in the description?

Hey @al409.eth, this request is for Milestone #2 transaction of the above proposal.
see attached the season 1 tracker.