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Presented by MikeGood, Blowned, Volky, Lil 1112


We want to create an interactive onboarding experience for newcomers. Topics range from understanding web3, walking them through the basics, creating their first wallet, and leading them to their first free NFT. Then, further pushing them towards an understanding of DAOs, Lil Nouns and the broader Nouns ecosystem. The first step towards mass-proliferation starts with onboarding into web3!


Hi all, Mike Good, here!.. This project started as an idea I wrote and was brought forward through the Ideas Board to find like-minded contributors — I wanted this to be a community driven project. Quickly, a few Lil’s came forward to help collaborate on the idea and we formed a lil team…

Some info on each of us:

Together, we own 12 Lil Nouns!

After forming the team, brainstorming ideas, mocking up flows, debating mechanics, and starting to write copy for pages we feel like it’s time to bring our idea forward to the community for further buy-in before bringing this on-chain as a Proposal. Really looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts!..

The Idea

Mass proliferation of Lil Nouns starts with on-boarding builders, collectors and normal web2 users into web3.

Most of the time on-boarding information is disjointed and a lot of people rely on friends to help them get started in this space. Has a friend or family member ever asked you to “help them get their first NFT?, ''What is Web3, or the ‘Blockchain’?” — This idea is for them.

Our idea is to create, an interactive on-boarding experience for anyone new to web3.

Here, users would find 5 Sections of content (4 chapters of educational).

In under an hour users would be walked through the basics of web3, led to understanding NFTs, and be given a chance to mint their first NFT, for free~ Then, users would learn about DAOs, and be led to information on Nouns and Lil Nouns, driving new users to Lil Nouns onboarding materials.

Below you’ll find our outline for the workflow with a rough estimate of word-count and read time.

Chapter 1: New to Web3 ~ 6 min read

This path is fit for complete beginners to crypto and web3. We go through:

  • Web3 Basic terms (300 words)
  • The Blockchain (300 words)
  • Cryptocurrency (300 words)
  • Creating your first crypto wallet (300 words)

Chapter 2: Understanding NFTs ~ 4 min read

This path is fit for those with basic knowledge of crypto and the blockchain, but have not yet explored the world of NFTs. We cover:

  • Sending & Receiving NFTs (300 words)
  • How to buy an NFT (300 words)
  • Safety in Web3 (300 words)

Free Mint: Mint Your First NFT :closed_lock_with_key:

After passing through Section 2, users will be prompted to mint their first free NFT, if they’d like.

Here, users will be able to claim a random “bitNoun,” in a similar style to lilnouns and nouns.

Functionality the mint will work as follows:

Users will find themselves watching random “101 noun” generated every 101 seconds. The user will be able to pay a gas fee to mint the “101 noun” on the screen. Be quick!

Unlike typical mint pages, we’ll incorporate tooltips for users to learn more information on the mint experience. Hover over the (?) icon and tips will be exposed for first time users.

Noun… Lil Noun… bitNoun!

The mint is intended for educational purposes, but users will have the option to bypass the Chapter’s 1 & 2 to go straight to the mint, if they’d like.

bitNouns will be fully CC0 and have a 0% creator fee.

We’ll be setting up for the mint page and a Twitter page that will post each time a bitNoun is minted.

**Special shout-out to Mr. Boney, an “un-official” team member, who gifted us 80 bitNoun heads, and the name, “bitNouns!” — Thank you for the support, Boney!

Chapter 3: NFTs and DAOs / The Community Beyond the JPEG ~ 5 min read

This path is perfect for rookie NFT collectors and DAO members, already participating in the web3 space but are keen to explore further. We cover:

  • Types of NFTs (Note to self: Emphasis on CC0) (400 words)
  • Web3 Communities (200 words)
  • What is a DAO? (400 words)

Chapter 4: Joining a DAO! ~ 8 min read

This path is suited for those in the web3 space, struggling to find a community where they can build to the best of their ability. We cover:

  • Nouns DAO (800 words)
  • Lil Nouns DAO (A Sub-DAO) (800 words)

Have questions about the content we plan on including, or our outline? Feel free to reach out!

The User Experience will be an interactive website, allowing users to pick a section they’d like to start at, and flow through to the next. Progress bars will allow users to understand where they are in the flow, and how much time is left. An interactive “Clippy” might help you find more information, when a user feels like it’s necessary…

Here are screenshots of our working mock-ups of the Home Page and one Chapter Page. Disregard the current text, this is just placeholders while we work on the design! —

As a user chooses a chapter they’d be driven through each section, navigating through suc-content for each section of the chapters.

The End Goal

A resource for not only the nounish communities to share to help onboard friends, family and acquaintances… But for the masses! Something to help bridge the gap between “Crypto Twitter” and “regular Twitter.” A way for builders to more quickly be able to engage in web3. And ultimately, helping newcomers cut through the noise of Web3, and straight to Nouns and Lil Nouns ⌐◨-◨


  • website, copy, design, UX with 3-years of hosting.
  • website with 3-years of hosting.
  • bitNouns contract.
  • Nouns101 Twitter page + Tweet Deck Scheduled Posts.
  • bitNouns Twitter page + Tweet Deck Scheduled Posts + Mint Announcement Bot.
  • Marketing materials for (IRL Stickers, GIFs, Images, Promotion through articles, Twitter Spaces, etc…).

Workload & Timelines

Below you’ll find info from each of us on efforts, compensation, and where we’ll each fit in. The goal is to have this project completed in 3 months from the time the prop goes live so we can begin onboarding!

Mike Good: Project Management, Creative Strategy, Design Keep the project on track and help drive the idea to the finish line. Here, I’ve already established the idea and the team to execute, now we’ll deliver utilizing a project management tool like Asana.

In addition, I’ll help keep the idea within scope and make decisions on UX, functionality, and to get us past any possible holdups. I’ll also deliver status updates for the community and promote our efforts through Twitter.

I’ll also contribute to the design and overall aesthetic of the project. Creating the initial art that got everyone intrigued in the, I plan on helping lil 1112 bring these bitNoun assets to life!

Compensation: 4 ETH

Blowned: Writer Write content for onboarding flow + copy for website homepage. Basically handle all content writing needs. So far the estimated no. of words to be written is 5K words, but I can see this easily shooting past to 7K+.

Added on, there’s homepage copy (so far around 700 words, can reach 1K) which I have written and may refine, + a few sections which I have not accounted for (Section 3 for example). Proofreading and further edits is part of my responsibility too.

I’m working with Mike and 1112 for website layout ideation. Alongside that I am planning to work with Volky, to see if additional copy is needed to fit the UX.

TL;DR: 10K Words of Copy & Content + Layout Concepts + Further Copy to fit website UX

Compensation: 4 ETH

Lil 1112: Designer UI design and contributing to UX decisions for the site, trait artworks together with MikeGood, and any visuals the project might require along the way.

Compensation: 4 ETH

Volky: Developer I’ll handle all development and ops needs:

Write and deploy contracts. Encode and deploy the art to the contract. Develop and deploy educational page + mint page. Develop mints tweeter bot

All the code will be open sourced (CC0 ofc :wink:)

Compensation: 6 ETH

Website Hosting, Domains & ENS Costs Website hosting, domain and ens costs:

  • domain (3 years)

  • hosting (3 years)

  • Nouns101.eth (5 years)

  • domain (3 years)

  • hosting (3 years)

  • bitNouns.eth (5 years)

Cost: 0.5 ETH

Marketing Budget for Ads

(MikeGood) Supporting two accounts: Nouns101 and bitNouns.

Nouns101: Twitter promotions via Tweet Deck or similar, targeting hashtags related to web3 education. Targeting 1 month of promotions, but hope to set up a bot that will schedule Tweets.

bitNouns: ‘Sales bot’ (mint) for bitNouns. Similar Tweet Deck for posting scheduled posts related to the free mint + Nouns101.

Estimated time: ~ 1 month

Cost: 0.5 ETH

Contract Deployment costs bitNouns contract deployment costs.

Cost: 1 ETH at 10 gwei

Unforseen costs
We’re padding in one additional eth for any unforeseen costs with development. If we don’t spend this eth, we’ll buy lil nouns and use them to raffle off to help promote Nouns101 on Twitter via retweet contests, etc!

Cost: 1 ETH

Total Cost for the project: 21 ETH


Thanks Mike for writing this up!

To set the context we have been working on this prop for nearly 1 month now, weekly calls and more!

Hope to get your feedback Lil Nouners, and let’s be the first onboarding system in the Nouniverse!


You’ve got my vote! Good luck frens

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We’ll probably add in a Poap for anyone actually completing the 101 Course (all 4 chapters) as well!


What if the DAO gave everyone with an ENS who completes the course .1 or .15 ETH to mint a new lil noun instead of a POAP?

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I like this idea, Branigan! But, I think anyone with a ENS might already be too advanced of a user for the begining of our flow- Those users will likely skip chapter 1 and 2. And, not sure they DAO wants/can do continuous funding like that… :thinking:

The hope is that most users are starting with no knowledge, and creating their first wallet in Chapter 2, then be led to a free mint of a bitNoun!..

bitNouns is where we think a lot of participants will also hit our flow. ie: Those already onboarded to web3, but looking for free mints…

After the free bitNoun mint, we’ll teach people about DAOs and lead them to Lil Nouns to get involved and further onboard.

The Poap was just an additional idea, because we’d like to teach people about Poap’s and could be a good way to jumpstart anyone who doesn’t have ‘gas’ for the free mint or even bidding on a lil. … I know some people i’ve onboarded had delays on buying crypto, as an example.

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I like the energy and team here. Will vote for this project on-chain.

hope team stays open to be flexible on the idea here, too, because this could also be used as a low-friction way to onboard new contributors with free equity in lil nouns. Could be run as a small trial, too, say only the first 10 to complete the course get the ETH.


love the idea guys!

might jump in here and offer my (almost) existing interactive course environment that can be used as a whitelabel solution / or is planned to.

would love to get in contact with one of you guys and talk this through and see where both sides can benefit.

regardless of that love the concept and I’m in with a vote!

(prototype and more info on that interactive course can be found here: ascantraining | Twitter | Linktree)

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Sounds like a great idea, and looks like other platforms can be integrated into it as well if they provide onboarding value. Am I correct?

Been in the community about 9 days, and was making a list that’s mostly covered by this prop as something that definitely needs to be done. LMK if you need any assistance!

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interesting proposition.