Welcome to Lil Nouns Discourse

Thanks for visiting the Lil Nouns Discourse; we are glad you’re here!

This project is better when everyone is thinking about how to make things a lil better. No need to keep those ideas to yourself post them to this Discourse.

This space was created to allow for more structured conversations for Lil Nouns DAO members as well as Lil Nouns community members.

The goal is to minimize having the same discussion in the Discord every time someone new joins.

Discord is great for real time jam sessions but for refining and getting specific feedback on a proposal before putting it up for a vote its best to use this Discourse.


As of now there are 2 types of categories of discussion:
#proposals and #suggestions

If you have an idea and want to get quick real time feedback you can post to the proposals channel in discord. But if you spent time writing up a draft (Go You!) be sure to post it and tag it with #proposals

If you don’t have a formal proposal, but you do have a lil suggestion for improving process, documentation or something else – Awesome! Be sure to post it and tag it with #suggestions

If you don’t have anything specific to share, that’s ok too. You can read other people’s posts and give them words of encouragement or constructive feedback, we are all in this together.